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S.Rajagopal & Co.


Quality Policy

Lasting & Living through generations, Providing Protection & Memories, Worthy of making a Historical presence !


0% Tolerance to non-conformity of Quality IS codes specified Materials – are sourced , if not they are replaced IS codes & std engineering Practices & workmanship - if not redone

Safety Policy

Every life is irreplaceable! Accident Prevention is our life, blood & soul!


We will ensure the health and safety at work throughout our organization.

Roles and responsibilities for health and safety will be defined, as necessary, within job descriptions or profiles

Senior management will ensure that

  • adequate resources are provided for health and safety;
  • health and safety is adequately assessed, controlled and monitored; and
  • Our people are actively involved on matters that affect health and safety

Emergency Handling

Procedures are educated to Project Engineers , Site Engineers & Supervisors to equip them handle the situation.


Helmets are compulsory for all. Safety Belts for working at more than 6 feet Safety nets provided to catch any falling objects Safety gloves, Eye protection & footwear – as per the work nature when required.

S.Rajagopal & Co.